Welcome to LEADERS24 


Our primary focus  is to develop leaders with the skills they need to serve South Africa effectively. We offer a range of value add courses to improve the leaders ability to use practical skills in the day to day running of the business as a whole.


We use two simple methods of delivering the training and coaching programmes.



                  In-House Training                        Public Training 

 In-House Training is a flexible and convenient way of bringing training into the comfort of your office. It eliminates the inconvenience of traveling and catering arrangements.  If you are looking to train 4 or more people, in house training is a cost effective solution.

We fit into your schedule providing quality and efficiency.

 We originise market and manage special training events relevant to growing your business. These public events are for individuals who want to participate in training in their personal capacity, as well as business who want to train less than four persons. 

These training workshops are held once a month.